Why Us?


We offer partner led focussed solutions and advice.

CORTUS was founded on the basis of providing businesses and their stakeholders with independent commercial advice and support to realise, preserve or improve value.



With over 75 years of experience across the leadership team, we have worked across a myriad of situations over our combined 300+ assignments.  Each situation is different, but we are comfortable operating in ambiguous situations where, often, others are not. This allows us to focus on the important issues in your unique situation.


We have experience on all sides of transactions and restructuring situations from sitting alongside or within management teams, to working with private capital funders and financial institutions.


We have a rapidly expanding blended team that brings experience, enthusiasm and energy that can flex to support your needs. The ability to deploy knowledge acquired in earlier stages of support does not depend on one person, therefore you can be assured of continuity.



Free from conflicts we can move quickly and give you a view that is unbiased. 

Flexible fee structure

As a dynamic challenger firm, we can provide a flexible fee structure to meet your needs. Where appropriate, we can align our outcomes with yours on a risk-reward basis.


Team oriented

We focus on seamlessly blending into your team, working collaboratively alongside you and your other advisors to achieve the same goal.

Deal speed as standard

Our experience and understanding of the pressures of a transaction or restructuring mean we know where to prioritise. We set ourselves the highest standards and adopt a best-in-class, consistent approach, keeping us efficient.