Cortus Advisory Group contributes to tree planting initiative

In line with our own ESG initiatives and philosophy of Doing Well by Doing Good, the team at Cortus Advisory Group collectively decided that contributing to the environment through supporting a tree planting programme would be a good way of giving back.    

We are very proud to share that the team at Cortus recently made a contribution to the Grow My Tree initiative for every one of the deals or projects completed in the last financial year which totalled 36 trees!

Planting a tree through Grow My Tree means supporting reforestation projects with a social impact.

For example:

- The effect of planting a tree for the compensation of CO2 emissions and climate protection is given worldwide regardless of where emissions are caused and emitted,

- In nurseries, the trees are initially sown and raised to small plants,

- The seedlings are planted in collaboration with local farmers and generate income and employment opportunities,

- The villages protect their new forests in their own interest,

- The sustainability of every individual project is very important,

- The trees are being planted in the Global South (e.g., Madagascar, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania),

- Every tree is certified and there is transparency about how and where trees are planted.


For further details about the initiative please take a look at