Cortus Compass – a discreet buyside acquisition service

Running a growing business is a full-time role, leaving little capacity to think about and execute the activities that catapult a business on to the next level – such as an acquisition.

Many businesses do not have the in – house capacity to effectively source acquisitions. In fact, to fully understand a marketplace, be able to map it out and qualify appropriate opportunities is a specific skill and one that we have developed into our new service offering Cortus Compass.

Led by Alex Ford and James Groot in our Corporate Advisory team, Cortus Compass is a discreet buy-side acquisition service aimed at supporting expanding businesses to identify appropriate bolt-on acquisition targets that fit their M&A strategy in a way that reduces wasted effort and unnecessary distraction from the day job.  Additionally, the process can test the M&A strategy by providing a deeper understanding of the acquisition landscape and the market dynamics.

Our approach is straightforward.

Stage one: working with our client we investigate the M&A strategy and focus on key areas of a search such as industry, geography, and scale.  Building an initial ‘map of the market’ before focussing and aligning this list against the criteria set allows us to identify a full list of businesses. Presenting this list to the client allows input to inform a target list.

Stage two: we hold detailed conversations with potential targets to understand the business in more detail and ask whether they would be open to exploring a transaction.  At this point we can facilitate an introduction to you.

Stage three: additional resource can be provided to support on the delivery of the deal through to completion.

So why use Cortus Compass?  As most experienced deal doers will testify to, getting the right people in to do the right job at the right time is money well spent - letting you focus on what you do best – i.e., running your business. 

We bring our extensive deal experience, working seamlessly with your existing team and other advisers to give an independent and unbiased perspective.

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