RSK acquires MHW Treatment

Client: RSK
Services provided: Acquisition due diligence


Dealing with changing weather patterns presents many challenges to the global water sector with water availability becoming less predictable in many places, and increased flooding threatening to destroy sanitation facilities and contaminate water sources.

The water industry itself has a huge part to play in achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 by developing innovative solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ensuring that everyone has access to a sustainable water supply is a critical part of the climate change mitigation strategy.

RSK’s acquisition of MHW Treatment, focuses on providing sustainable water and wastewater solutions from major programmes through to minor capital delivery maintenance, process optimisation and operations.

Jenny Kirkham who advised on the transaction, said, “This acquisition builds on our team’s experience, having previously advised on five recent acquisitions in the sector. It was especially complementary to the previous Binnies acquisition and gives RSK the capability of providing end to end services to the Water Industry.”