BontexGeo acquisition of ABG Ltd

Client: BontexGeo
Services provided: Acquisition due diligence


A West Yorkshire supplier of geosynthetic engineering products into a variety of civil engineering markets has been acquired by BontexGeo Group, a portfolio company of private equity firm Nimbus.

ABG Ltd, based in Maltham, specialises in the design, development, manufacture and technical support of high performance geosynthetic systems for use in a wide range of civil engineering, environmental and sustainable building projects.

The BontexGeo Group produces and sells geotextiles for civil engineering applications. The acquisition provides Bontexgeo with further access to its end market and strengthens its presence in the UK and various other export markets across the world.

As part of the acquisition Bontexgeo also acquired Geogreen Limited, ABG’s installation business, and Geospec Limited, ABG’s in house product testing lab.

Nimbus, which has its UK office in Leeds, acquired BontexGeo in summer 2019 in a carve out deal from Low & Bonar.

Nicola Merritt said, “this due diligence engagement was a cross border transaction with parties based in various parts of Europe and demonstrates our ability to undertake an efficient due diligence exercise by utilising remote technologies. It was a pleasure to work with all involved in this transaction and it further highlights our experience in the Geotechnical and Renewables sector.”